Canada’s Northern Strategy

How have we established our national identity? Canadians think of cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa as our global face. We focus attention on modern metropolitan centers with universities, free health care and exotic Northern humanitarianism. In a global age of information our voice in the current climate is straightforward. We are noted for our liberal thinking, vast territory and Capitalism. What makes us truly unique can only be found within our isolated communities. Very different ideas have formed from indigenous beliefs, utopian thinkers, European religion and Capitalism. In some areas this has happened with minimal modern influence. From a number of passionate voices we could identify pockets of Canadian society that are not part of the current global movements. What we find instead is a signature community that has had time to develop truly unique modern customs; exclusively Canadian.

Studying many ways remote communities express superstition, identity, social development and uniqueness.

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web 01“Canada is a Northern nation. The North is a fundamental part of our heritage and our national identity, and it is vital to our future. The North is home to many Inuit and other Aboriginal peoples, as well as those drawn there from around the world. Our government recognizes the tremendous opportunities – as well as the many challenges – that exist in the North today. That is why we are allocating more resources and attention to Northern issues than at any time in our country’s history.”

Message from the Honourable Chuck Strahl, P.C., M.P. Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians

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Understanding Canada as a unique response to particular circumstances.