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No parents no rules, just create.

Created to promote cross pollination between design communities Zine Club is a group of international designers trading work through the mail and on the internet. Engaging both print and digital platforms, we experiment with long distance collaboration as a tool to create new visual concepts.

Since 2013 Zine Club has been pursuing annual goals by creating and re-interpreting our personal projects as print zines, traded monthly, digitally presented media and exhibition. By 2015 we had accumulated dozens of print zines and documented many more as part of our tumblr. We then began to exhibit original works and our collected print library under a single annual concept. Our 2015 theme expanded into a printed publication, social media experiment with Google Chat and presentation at the Vancouver Art Gallery for The Vancouver Art/Book Fair 2015. This year we acknowledging the huge impact social media, gmail and the internet has had on our collaboration by interpreting works digitally, with the web specifically in mind by creating a web-zine.

Zine Club plans to trade zines in the mail and exhibit digital and print together in 2016.



flaviuFlaviu Cacoveanu

kateKate Brown

tumblr_n6pyg4FMk31sm8mkuo1_500Anezka Minarikova

east — west Gallery
Exploring long distance collaboration through exhibition Zine Club’s east — west gallery exhibits monthly design installations at one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver, Canada. We aim to address community issues that affect neighborhood’s globally through social conscious graphic design, by pairing designers to produce original works.

Oana Clitan (NL) & Ryan Ming (CA)

east — Oana Cliţan (NL) 2016 The placement of the piece on a window in a city I’ve never been to was very interesting for me, as well as having two pieces by two different people that have to relate somehow. I really wanted to design something relating to the location or area, so the collaboration… View Article

Monsters (CZ) & Priyanka Singh (India)

Love Type, Priyanka Singh (India) 2016 Street signs in India are a kaleidoscope of colours and styles. As you walk down the streets here, these signs will try and catch your eye amongst the busy crowds with their gimmicky constructions of letters or with the use of bright colours, giving it a unique style. Traditionally they are hand… View Article

Paranormal Activity (dis)Ambiguation
If we approach the supernatural as a technology of the un-know, what is it’s interface? What new possibilities can follow if we attempt to construct the supernatural as a technology of communal production? Zine Club 2015 explores this theme as a reading room, exhibition, art book and light box installation series at Project Space.


A Shadow of Desponia Passed Over It All

A Shadow of Desponia Passed Over It All — Sylvana dAngelo


Emmy Van Thiel WTRS

Art Book

Design: Sylvana dAngelo
Editor: Tracy Steffanucci
Print Production: Moniker Press
Publisher: Project Space Press

Emmy Van Thiel
Oana Clitan
Ryan Ming
Quinn Keaveney
Christopher Laursen
Anezka Minarikova
Larissa Mnteiro
Lindsey Hampton
Jazmine Stephens

Digital Media


Oana Clitan


The Death of Varria — Sylvana dAngelo



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