Spiritual Pilgrimage


Vancouver Art Gallery for VABF 17, Vancouver CA
Sylvana dAngelo + Alex Gunderfelder

WORM.org Rotterdam NL and VABF Studio Vancouver CA
Sylvana dAngelo + Nathan Jones

Spiritual Pilgrimage is a website and publication derived of images submitted online by participating artists from Vancouver and South Korea. Images were curated directly from a live folder and feed this site where they are randomly formatted for publication. Print copies of the publication by hitting Command+P and receive three pages of images. Download the A4 verso pdf and follow these instructions creating a unique web to print concept.

Photography Exhibit: VABF Monthly Open Studio, 2017 Edition
Above: Alina Senchenko
Top: Roshanak Amini
Ryan Ming


Typically, a pilgrimage is a search of spiritual significance, it is often a journey to a location of importance to a person’s faith. For this project we are also examining a metaphorical journey into our own rituals, daily lives and spiritual experiences. Without a conscious effort to view the world rationally small coincidences or random occurrences can evoke strong emotional responses, what happens when we place importance on these occurrences? If we arrange a group of images with spiritual importance does the publication become a holy book?

The intention of this publication is not only to publish resent works, but to also highlight the process of independent art publishing, and its accessibility as a media that forms relationships and builds communities of discourse. By engaging both print and web the project has the potential to display all types of file formats, therefore creating a truly multi-media experience.