Sointula Art Shed Sointula BC
Creative Residency

Sointula (Kwak’wala: t’taka’_sk’udis)
The name Sointula means “Place of Harmony” (literally ‘the place of chord’) in the Finnish language. A group of Finnish settlers founded the village in 1901 after rowing north from Nanaimo. They planned to set up a utopian socialist society known as the Kalevan Kansa, and wrote to visionary Matti Kurikka in Finland to lead the new community. Many of the community members remained on the island, as have their descendants.

Residency Program

For a three month artists residency at the Sointula Arts Shed in Sointula BC I had several creative opportunities. I lead a web development workshop teaching portfolio basics, worked with Catherine Pakkalen to create an ancestry website and exhibited a collection of images from my time on the island and near by Cormorant island. These images along with an article about my time there, were published in Sad Mag’s Suburbia issue 16 & 17.


“Societies either roll on blindly to disaster or they find the inner strength to stop themselves long enough to find ways for reform from within.” – John Ralston Saul

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10─13 Alert Bay BC
Visual Essay

Alert Bay In 1877, the Church Missionary Society persuaded Rev. James Hall to relocate his Anglican mission at Fort Rupert, BC to nearby Alert Bay. The following year, Rev. Hall built a mission house where day schooling was first provided for native children, mostly drawn from the local reserve—ancestors of today’s Nimpkish Band. It would soon be expanded into a full residential school.


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Sad Mag


Suburbia Issue 16 & 17
Article by Genvieve Micheals



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