How To Induce A Lucid Dream

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Shudder Gallery Vancovuer BC
Sylvana dAngelo + Larissa Monteiro





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In a lucid dream, the dreamer has greater chances to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Attempting to remember dreams or have a more involved roll once inside the dream is a regulated study of self and reality. The journey between these two states is a physical transformation of energy that with practice could be induced.

1. Dream Recall
Based on found light reflections ‘Dream Recall’ is a pattern of reflected light. Using highlights and shadows to create a work of multi-dimensional art.

2. Reality Checks
A light box image presented as a genuine memory and a subtracted version, abstracted into something both recognizable and distorted. Upon viewing you will feel both reassured of your place in reality but also the possibility to manipulate your current reality.

3. Lucid Affirmations
A multi media projection combining original video and sound abstracted to communicate the transformation of matter as it morphs from a physical experience into a conscious destination.
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4. Visualize Your Dream
In a dark room (the basement) nothing is visible but manipulated light installed to create a sculpture of color and reflection. Making the perfect abstract environment to visualize the dream you want to enter consciously.



1330 Burrad Street, Vancouver BC
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