Curriculum Vitae

Sylvana dAngelo studies the human condition and endeavours to understand culture through superstition and belief. Blurring the lines between what could be real from what is real, her work is a visual study of idealism and the underlying interconnected evolution of progress.

She lives and works in the Coast Salish Territories of BC Canada.

Residency Programs
Unit /Pitt Curatorial Residency – Behind the Wall /In Front of the Wall Vancouver BC – July /August 2014 with Anezka Minaríková Canadian Art – Must See This Week July 10-16
Sointula Arts Sointula BC – October /November 2013
Open Set Dutch Graphic Design School, Breda, NL – August /September 2013

Visual Art Exhibitions
Dynamo Arts Ass. – Anthropomorphism of Media, Vancovuer, BC (August 2017) with Oana Clitan and Larissa Monteiro Canadian Art Must See This Week August 24-30
The Subtle Effects of Living Backwards – Happenstance by Decoy, Vancovuer BC (July 2017) Curated by Whitney Brennan with Bryce Kristopher Paul Agecoutay and Minimal Violence
WORM.orgSpiritual Pilgrimage, Rotterdam, Netherlands (October 2016) Zine Club and Print Ready
Shudder GalleryHow To Induce A Lucid Dream, Vancouver, BC (August 2015) with Larissa Montiero
Dynamo Arts Ass. – Satanic Panic, Vancouver, British Columbia (May 2014) and Videofag, Toronto, Ontario (January 2015)
Multiplex – Chemical Landscape, Portland, Oregan (December 2012)

Select Group Exhibitions

Vancouver Art GalleryRoom 100, Vancouver, BC (October 2016) Curated by Zine Club with Yuula Benivoski (Toronto,ON), Monsters (Prague, CZ), Anezka Minarikova (Prague, CZ) and Nathan Jones (Vancouver, BC)
Sweet Pup – People You May Know, Vancouver, BC (February 2016) Curated by Steven Audia 
Sad Mag Suburbia Traveling Art Exhibition Vancouver Public Library,
Vancouver BC (October 2014) | Mezzanine Gallery, Coquitlam BC (November 2014)
Black & Yellow The Incubator, Vancouver, BC (April 2014) Curatd by Allison Mander-Wionzek
Heartland – Combined Landscapes, Seattle, WA (May 2013)
Sans02 Project Space – Pixel, Merohaitsu Chifune, Japan (July 2012) Curated by Kyle Duske
Rufus Rukus – Anomoly, Brooklyn, New York (April 2012)
the Cheaper Show #10, Vancouver, British Columbia (June 2011)


1330 Burrad Street, Vancouver BC
[email protected]